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Academic Mentoring Initiative

NCAA/NAIA Academic Mentoring/Recruiting

VAST is very proud to include an Academic Mentoring Initiative (AMI) for our high school athletes.

 In partnership with, VAST is addressing the most important aspect of college recruiting - NCAA/NAIA academic preparedness.

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Vast Track and Field
Vast Track and Field

Through this partnership with, our high school athletes are provided with an experienced NCAA/NAIA academic mentor to assist and help better understand, manage, and track NCAA/NAIA initial-eligibility as soon as our athletes start taking high school level classes. Typically, 33% of a student's NCAA eligibility requirements are satisfied in their freshman year of high school. Therefore, it is critical to start the academic preparedness process as early as possible. Guidance and assistance from our academic mentor will empower our families to proactively take ownership of the NCAA/NAIA initial-eligibility process and not strictly rely on high school counselors or coaches. 


In addition to academic mentoring, VAST athletes will have access to the entire platform, providing important recruiting resources.  VAST athletes will better understand the recruiting process, be better prepared academically for college, and will have the tools to self-manage the recruiting process and find the best college fit for their academic, athletic, and social needs.


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