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Success Stories

VAST Track & Field and Cross Country started in Tampa Bay in 2016 with a total of 6 athletes. We have been able to focus on educating and developing these young athletes. As the team continues to grow, we were able to take more kids to the Junior Olympics. Not only did we grow as a track club, we’ve also been able to find ways to give back by serving our Tampa Bay Community and providing assistance to athletes in need.  Please take the time to look at our success stories as we hope you'll be part of our success story in the near future.

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2016-2018- Tampa Bay

Developing and educating athletes to be great!


2019- Greensboro, NC 

We had a total of 3 athletes compete in the Junior Olympic games. Two of those athletes placed top 8 in the nation earning All-American honors.


Marvens Pierrelus – 6th Place High Jump (All-American)

Nia Armstrong- 1st Place High Jump (National Champion)


2020- Satellite Beach, FL

At the start of Covid-19, understandably we had a decrease in athletes this season, with the AAU JOs location changing and some events not being offered. Four of our athletes competed and all four placed top 8 in the nation and earned All-American honors.


Jabari Armstrong – 4th Place 100m Hurdles (All-American)

Ellis Weekley – 4th Place 100m Hurdles (All-American)

Nehemiah Armstrong – 7th Place Shot Put (All-American)

Kallie Bleistein – 5th Place Long Jump (All-American)


2021- Houston, TX

Returning after Covid-19, we have very limited access to the track.  VAST took a total of 8 athletes to compete at JOs, 5 of those athletes placed top 8 in several events.


Nia Armstrong - 3rd place Pentathlon, 3rd place 80m Hurdles, 2nd Place High Jump (All-American)

Marvens Pierrelus- 7th place Pentathlon, 6th place 80m Hurdles (All-American)

Aliyah Gamble - 1st place Race Walk (National Champion)

Nyla Gamble- 4th Place Race Walk (All-American)

Nehemiah Armstrong- 8th place Javelin (All-American)


2022- Greensboro, North Carolina

VAST took a total of 25 athletes to compete out of that 3 of our athletes placed top 8 in the nation at JOs.

Jabari Armstrong - 1st place 110 Hurdles (National Champion)

Aliyah- 6th place Triathlon, 4th place 800m, 2nd place High Jump (All-American)

Marvens Pierrelus - 2nd place 80m Hurdles (All-American)

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